Maui Kamaole is different than her linear densely packed neighbors. The property is organically landscaped with a sea of tropical vegetation and set into curving bluffs above Kamaole III Beach (Begins at right edge) and the Kihei boat landing, for easy snorkeling and boating trips.

The Maui Kamole front lawn. The complex design is four plex, with one bedrooms on each first floor, and a two bedroom two floor condo on each second floor.

A view from A-112 over Maui Kam's signature white plumeria trees to the West Maui Mountains.

The Maui Kamaole front desk.

Bougainvilla, a traveller palm, and many other exotic plants ring the lower heated pool.

The lower pool is formal, heated, and had a deep end.

The lower pool has a full kitchen and two barbecues and covered dining for evening festivities.

The upper pool is more organic in nature, with a jacuzzi hidden in the garden, and a waterfall into the pool. The upper pool also has barbecues and full kitchen for parties.

The walkway down to the beach. Kamaole III beach is just five minutes down the path. Below, a boat fools around just off the beach.

Six pygmy date palms dress the stairway up to the Jasmine complex and upper pool.

The lush feel and upper and lower condo layout is clear here.

The sea is directly west of Maui Kamaole and so the sunset is always over the ocean 365 days a year.

Haleakala, 'The house of the Sun', stretches above the gardens of Maui Kamaole.

Haleakala rises 10,400 feet above Maui Kamaole, and it is 13 miles as the crow flies to the summit.

Here, the higher mountainside, with its green pastures and rainclouds, rises in the distance. Two native Hawaiian palms stand guard over the sunny part of the island far below the raincloud canopy above.

An allspice tree leans into this picture of a Maui Kamaole parkinglot. This parkinglot, as all at Maui Kamaole, is home to more than 20 different species of tropical plant.

Maui Kamaole is home to more than 100 species of plants. There are about 300 palm trees on the property, with 100 of them being coconut palms.

Multicolored hibiscus and Ti plants dress the front lanai of condo A-112.

A plumeria tree fills out during Spring. Maui Kamaole is excellent for walking, with very low speed traffic and wonderful plants and vistas everywhere.

A Plumeria in late winter begins blooming before its leaves come in.

A view out to the ocean over lillies, bougainvilla, palms and flame trees.

The island of Kahoolawe, a Hawaiian refuge, gives pleasant views from Maui Kamaole.

From the lanai of J-205, a sunset builds to a climax at the end of a peaceful day in Maui.